Mexican Spotted Owl

People who rely on firewood from Tonto National Forest and five other national forests in New Mexico now can cut and gather it.

New Mexico GOP Lawmakers: Firewood Ban Will Be Devastating

Oct 1, 2019

New Mexico Republican lawmakers say a federal court decision that halts firewood gathering and other forest projects will have devastating consequences. The firewood ban was ordered by a judge who made the ruling to protect a threatened owl species in Arizona and New Mexico.

People who rely on wood stoves to heat their homes in the winter are scrambling to find other options after a U.S. District Court halted tree cutting on large swaths of national forests in the Southwest over concern about a threatened owl.

National Park Service

An environmental group is seeking to limit the scope of a court order that bans tree cutting across national forests in New Mexico and one in Arizona.

National Park Service

The Tonto National Forest and five national forests in New Mexico have suspended firewood collection permit sales, timber sales, thinning and prescribed burns because of a federal court order related to a threatened owl.