World-renowned Navajo artist Bahe Whitethorne Jr. died this week at the age of 41. It was sudden and a cause of death is yet to be publically released. Whitethorne was an accomplished painter, illustrator and musician. His vibrant murals are scattered across the southwest. Friends remember him as a visionary artist with a joyful heart and helpful nature. KNAU’s Justin Regan has this remembrance.

When NASA launched the Voyager spacecraft in 1977, there were two golden records on board. They contain sounds and songs from Earth, sort of a musical time capsule for any extraterrestrial being that might come upon them. One of the songs comes from a Navajo chant called "Nightway." In his latest Canyon Commentary, Scott Thybony recalls hearing the song while traveling with a Navajo medicine man. 

Jon Austria/The Daily Times)

The Navajo Nation is moving forward with a second solar energy farm, adjacent to one it built in Kayenta.

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The chief appellate judge for the Crow Nation has been confirmed as chief justice of the Navajo Nation's highest court.

The director of the Navajo Nation's Division of Economic Development has stepped down.