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Coconino County Sheriff's Office

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office says three rock climbers were rescued from a large spire north of Sedona early Monday morning.


Forest Service officials have released a long-awaited management plan for Fossil Creek.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expanding hunting and fishing across more than 2 million acres of federal land.

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

The water level at Lake Powell on the Utah-Arizona border has hit a historic low amid a climate change-fueled megadrought engulfing the U.S. West.


National Park Service

Lake Powell on the Colorado River is at historically low levels. All but three of its boat ramps are stranded above the waterline. The National Park Service is fighting to maintain access to the reservoir for recreational boaters… with the help of an old “legacy” ramp that’s been underwater for half a century. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke with William Shott, superintendent of Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Lake Powell on the Colorado River is expected to drop to a record-breaking new low in the next day or two. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports, the reservoir will reach its lowest elevation since it was first filled.

Zak Podmore, Salt Lake Tribune

An ancient petroglyph panel near Moab, Utah was vandalized with obscene and racist graffiti earlier this week. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports, authorities are searching for the people responsible.

National Park Service

Here’s a fish story for you: what if you could get paid to go fishing all day? The National Park Service wants anglers to help get rid of exotic brown trout at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River. The agency is giving cash prizes for every fish to try to knock down their numbers. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports, the program is an unusual experiment, designed to meet the goals of the Park Service but also respect the spiritual beliefs of the Zuni Tribe.

Coconino National Forest

The U.S. Forest Service has released a long-awaited management plan for Fossil Creek in central Arizona, a popular recreation site which is home to many rare and threatened species. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.

National Park Service

Lees Ferry on the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam is a world-famous rainbow trout fishery. But in recent years a different nonnative fish, the brown trout, has started to grow in numbers. The brown trout is a predatory fish that gobbles up not only the rainbows but also endangered native species in the Grand Canyon. Now, state and federal wildlife agencies have come up with a plan to reduce their numbers. They’re paying people to go fishing. Starting today, anglers can earn 25 dollars a head for catching and harvesting brown trout. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke with Ken Hyde, chief of science at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, about the new incentive program.