Poetry Friday

Courtesy of Jihan Gearon

The 17th annual Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival is underway, and this year, organizers are shining a light on the films, art and writing of Indigenous women and women of color. Jihan Gearon is a painter, activist and writer from the Navajo Nation. Her artwork is featured at this year’s festival in an exhibit called High Desert Matriarchy. In the latest installment of KNAU’s Poetry Friday segment, Jihan shares an original poem called A Conspiracy of Ravens, and talks about dreams and Indigenous feminism.

Poetry Friday: Roots Of Masculinity

Feb 7, 2020
Austin Davis

The term “toxic masculinity” has been around for years, but it's gained a lot traction recently with the #MeToo movement and the evolution of gender identities. It’s used to describe traditional male gender roles that restrict emotional expression and behaviors, with the expectation that boys and men should be dominant. Austin Davis, an activist and burgeoning young poet at Arizona State University, explores this concept in his poem Blowing on my Nails. In this week’s Poetry Friday, Austin reflects on the formative experiences of  "toxic masculinity" and how they can affect mental health.

Poetry Friday: Three Poems, One Cow Umbrella

Jan 31, 2020

U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins has a unique writing habit…sometimes, he takes two lines from another author’s poem and uses them to start a poem of his own.  That is the case with his 2002 poem Litany. It starts with these words from a poem by Belgian artist and writer Jacques Crickillon: “You are the bread and the knife, the crystal goblet and the wine…” A KNAU listener from Sedona was intrigued by Collins’ style, so she decided to play along and write her own response poem. Here is Nancy Melmon, first reading Billy Collins’ Litany, followed by a reading of her original poem You Are the Umbrella With the Jersey Cows Grazing On It Written After Reading Litany by Billy Collins. 

Poetry Friday: The Poetry Of Music

Jan 24, 2020
Project Trio

This week’s Poetry Friday segment is a bit of a departure from the usual format. We won’t hear a straightforward poem, but we will hear something uniquely poetic from the Brooklyn musical group Project Trio, performing tonight with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. Their roots are in chamber music, but they are also inspired by beatboxing and slam poetry. A big part of their work is touring the world doing music education workshops with kids, helping them find the authentic music and poetry of their souls. Here are musicians Eric Stephenson, Peter Seymour and Greg Pattillo.

Poetry Friday: Who Rescued Whom?

Jan 17, 2020
KNAU/Gillian Ferris

Losing a dog can be a gut wrenching experience. KNAU listener Amy Ashley knows that. She lost 2 dogs in less than 2 years, and the pain was so great, she thought she’d never adopt again. But along came Brutus, a young Rottweiler mix in need of rescue. When Amy met him - just a few days ago - she knew that rescuing Brutus would also allow Brutus to rescue her from a broken heart. In this week’s installment of Poetry Friday, we meet Brutus inside the Timberline Tavern – a dog-friendly bar in Flagstaff where Amy is a bartender. She reads for us the poem Rescue Me Please.