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City Government of Prescott

A controversial proposed water policy would allow the City of Prescott to deliver water to houses outside the city limits. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports. 

The proposal outlines an “expansion zone” where homeowners can apply to hook up to the City of Prescott’s water and sewage system. Clyde Halstead, the city's senior assistant attorney, says the goal is to reduce the number of homes using unregulated wells and septic tanks.

A report commissioned by the City of Prescott finds it is pumping about as much water back into underground aquifers as it draws from them. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports as the city monitors its underground water supply, there’s one area where a big improvement could be made.

City of Prescott

Political signs are now banned from public land in two areas around Prescott.

The Prescott City Council Tuesday took the next step in a plan to sue pharmaceutical companies for damages incurred during the opioid crisis.

Ross D. Franklin - AP Photo

The Prescott City Council has asked State Representative David Stringer to resign his seat in the state legislature.