Angela Gervasi


Dozens of demonstrators marched through downtown Flagstaff Sunday night, protesting colonization, fascism, and police in light of Arizona’s first official Indigenous Peoples Day. Wearing masks — some also wore military fatigues — participants also expressed opposition to Columbus Day, which remains a national holiday in the United States. 

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Arizona is sending more than 150 National Guard troops to Wisconsin to help after widespread unrest over police shooting Jacob Blake, a Black man, on Sunday.


A rally in support of reopening Arizona schools for in-person learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, drew hundreds at the state Capitol Monday night.

Melissa Sevigny

Tenured faculty once made up the majority of teachers at American universities. But over the last several decades, non-tenure-track jobs have been on the rise. Universities have come to rely heavily on a group of teachers called “lecturers” who work on short term contracts, and have much lower salaries than tenured professors. They often teach large lectures of freshmen and help young students navigate college life far beyond the classroom. But their positions are vulnerable, as the coronavirus pandemic made clear when universities began to cut budgets drastically. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports on more than 100 of those job losses at Northern Arizona University.

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A woman whose brother was killed as Phoenix police were trying to arrest him three years ago is drawing parallels between his death and George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis.