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Zac Ziegler

 Northern Arizona University plans to use cameras that read license plates to monitor parking rather than stickers affixed to windshields, officials said.

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed giving rural Native American tribes a priority filing window for licenses that could expand internet access on their land.


Officials at the Grand Canyon Unified School District have a big project to work on this summer. They’re pushing forward a plan that would run a fiber optic cable to the district’s lone school, giving it high speed internet for the first time. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports:

The Arizona Attorney General's office says a settlement has been reached in the first health care data breach lawsuit involving numerous states.

Earth Notes: Non-wired Electricity

Apr 24, 2019
Arizona Public Service

For many years the tiny town of Punkin Center, south of Payson, Arizona, has been best known for the prominent jack-o’-lantern sign. Now it’s home to a cutting-edge alternative to traditional electrical transmission lines.