Science and Technology

The Phoenix suburb of Peoria will be the testing ground for an autonomous shuttle service later this month. 

Waymo on Facebook

Waymo says one of its self-driving vehicles was operating in manual mode when it was involved in a rear-end collision in a Phoenix suburb and that the crash was caused by reckless driving of the other vehicle. 

A New Mexico jail is no longer allowing family and friends to speak to detainees on site and will offer only off-site phone or online video chats. 

FUSD Launches New Anonymous Reporting App

Dec 19, 2019

The Flagstaff Unified School District has launched an app that aims to meet the smartphone generation where they are. The Anonymous Alerts app allows students, parents and others to report information to the district…everything from concerns about bullying and mental health, to event schedules and even icy school sidewalks. It allows users to remain anonymous so they can seek help without fear of social reprisal. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler spoke with FUSD’s Zachery Fountain about the app.


Data encryption is a hidden part of our everyday life. Every time any sort of information is sent electronically, that message is encrypted and decrypted to prevent it from being intercepted. The computer code that does that encryption is approaching 40 years old, and increasingly vulnerable to hacking.