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Data encryption is a hidden part of our everyday life. Every time any sort of information is sent electronically, that message is encrypted and decrypted to prevent it from being intercepted. The computer code that does that encryption is approaching 40 years old, and increasingly vulnerable to hacking. 


A flat desert grassland in southeastern Arizona is being considered as a potential landing site for a new reusable spacecraft.

Zac Ziegler

 Northern Arizona University plans to use cameras that read license plates to monitor parking rather than stickers affixed to windshields, officials said.

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed giving rural Native American tribes a priority filing window for licenses that could expand internet access on their land.


Officials at the Grand Canyon Unified School District have a big project to work on this summer. They’re pushing forward a plan that would run a fiber optic cable to the district’s lone school, giving it high speed internet for the first time. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports: