Scott Thybony Commentaries

Robb Kendrick

The United States is reckoning with a painful history of slavery, genocide and systemic racism. Protests continue across the country, bringing awareness to the impact that history continues to have on people of color. Today, commentator Scott Thybony brings us the story of his experience attending a ceremony in Texas to honor the ancestors of Black Seminole Indians. He was working on a story for Smithsonian magazine at the time. The Black Seminoles escaped from southern rice plantations in the 18th century, and by the late 1700’s, were building their own settlements in Florida, fighting a series of wars to keep from being enslaved. In his latest Canyon Commentary, Scott recounts the memorial gathering he attended to honor their bravery. 

Scott Thybony's Canyon Commentary: Healing

Apr 29, 2020
Scott Thybony

KNAU commentator Scott Thybony always spends a lot of time outdoors, but that’s been especially true of the last 6 weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scott’s been walking canyon rims, volcano craters and hollowed-out cliffs filled with rock art images. In between hikes, he’s been writing. And in this week’s Canyon Commentary, Scott reflects on his recovery from encephalitis many years ago, drawing some parallels to the current situation. He says being able to connect with others was part of the healing process.

Scott Thybony's Canyon Commentary: In Place

Apr 7, 2020
Scott Thybony

Much of the country is sheltering in place as best they can right now while the coronavirus continues to spread. For commentator Scott Thybony, this is a chance to do what he loves best: get outside, away from people and reflect on the natural world and the human spirit. Here is Scott’s latest Canyon Commentary.

Scott Thybony's Canyon Commentary: Point Sublime

Feb 27, 2020
Scott Thybony

Just below Point Sublime in the Grand Canyon, a rock cairn marks the site where a small plane and a helicopter collided in 1986, killing everyone onboard. The cairn was placed there by KNAU commentator Scott Thybony…his brother John was one of the victims. Scott’s trek to the crash site nearly cost him his own life, and in this month’s Canyon Commentary, he recounts his journey of love and loss.

Scott Thybony's Canyon Commentary: Road To Nowhere

Feb 6, 2020

Most roads take you somewhere. But the Southwest is filled with a lot of roads that lead nowhere in particular. Commentator Scott Thybony has acquired a taste for them and recounts a recent road trip to one of his favorite destinations on the Colorado Plateau…nowhere.