An unusual tactic used by federal agents in arresting an immigrant in northern Arizona is drawing criticism for being a form of extortion.

Photo by J. Patokal

Sedona, the tourist destination in Arizona's red rock country, has plenty of homes, including many offered as short-term vacation rentals for visitors.

Summit Fire and Medical Department

The wildfires burning throughout California have become the most destructive and deadly in the state’s history. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports, firefighters from around the country are helping out including nearly 170 from Arizona. 

Arizona health officials say an out-of-state visitor to Sedona may have exposed others to measles.

Poetry Friday: Dreaming of Creeks and Deer

Jun 1, 2018
Anthony Flesch

Oak Creek in Sedona is one of the most spectacular and special riparian habitats in the Southwest. It’s home to many aquatic and earthly creatures, and it’s a favorite hiking spot for Anthony Flesch, this week’s Poetry Friday reader. His quick, original poem “Deer Bed” will make you want to spend the day by the meandering creek.