Sexual Harassment

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

Sexual harassment, retaliation, buckets of uranium ore … It sounds like the makings of an action-packed thriller, but in reality it describes some of what’s been going on inside Grand Canyon National Park the last few years. Flagstaff journalist and author Annette McGivney recently published a story about it all in Outside magazine. In it she links decades of employee tension, management disfunction, a federal investigation, and the ousting of a Grand Canyon superintendent. She spoke with KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius about the article and the difficulties of going after a story with anonymous sources.

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Former Arizona legislator Don Shooter is back in a Phoenix hospital after being released earlier in the week following emergency surgery.

Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic via AP, Pool, File

The first state lawmaker in the United States to be expelled for sexual misconduct since the #MeToo movement began is no longer gravely ill after suffering an intestinal blockage that caused his organs to start failing.


When Interior Secretary David Bernhardt was confirmed in March, he said Grand Canyon National Park would have a new superintendent in May. But it doesn’t. Senator Martha McSally sent a letter to the secretary stressing the importance of leadership at the park. 

Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic

A judge has ruled that the first state lawmaker in the U.S. to be ousted over sexual misconduct allegations after the rise of the #MeToo movement can run for the Arizona Senate because he is a resident of the district he wants to represent.