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A special legislative panel voted Thursday to reduce the number of state income tax brackets. But, Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports that it’s what might come next that has some lawmakers concerned.

Zombies and the Tax Code

Jul 16, 2012

In a law review article, ASU professor Adam Chodorow warns that the state and the nation are ill prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

It's not the public health issues that concern Chodorow.

It's that the nation's tax laws are woefully inadequate to deal with the undead.

And part of the problem is that there's no consensus of when someone is truly dead. Even Arizona law is not very specific, saying only that a determination of death must be made in accordance with accepted medical standards.

Republicans say Arizona businesses will suffer if President Obama is allowed to increase taxes on wealthier Americans.

"The president is on the campaign trail this week calling on Congress to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for individuals making more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl says the president’s plan would just prolong this lingering bad economy and cause further layoffs in Arizona.

Howard Fischer / Capital Media Services

State senators voted Wednesday to resurrect a program giving generous tax credits to movie and TV producers who come here to make their shows.

Governor Brewer Signs Private School Tax Credit Bill

Mar 1, 2012

Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation Wednesday to allow individuals to divert more money they would otherwise owe the state to instead help children attend private and parochial schools.