Crews battling a wildfire southwest of Grand Canyon Airport near the town of Tusayan report significant progress. The Rain Fire was 40 percent contained as of Thursday morning and has burned about 150 acres.


Phoenix Fire Department

A longtime Phoenix Fire Department captain is dead after an off-road vehicle accident in northern Arizona.











Alan English CPA

 Government scientists have gathered data to answer the question of whether a new uranium mining operation will contaminate the Grand Canyon region.

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey spent two years collecting and analyzing soil samples from around the Canyon Mine near Tusayan. The study gives them a baseline of the environment they can use to compare with future soil samples.

The mine on U.S. Forest Service land was approved in the 1980s, but ore never was pulled from the ground.

A tiny town outside the Grand Canyon that has big plans for development will be under new leadership in 2016.

Greg Bryan, Tusayan’s first mayor selected by colleagues on the Town Council shortly after it incorporated in 2010, is leaving the office Dec. 31 to spend more time with family.

“I’m proud and thankful to have been part of this process, building a town from scratch,” Bryan said. “It’s probably the most frustrating and rewarding thing I’ve done in my professional career. It was and is the right thing to do for this community.”


The Grand Canyon is listed as a Park in Peril according to the National Parks Conservation Association. That’s because a proposed development near the park threatens water sources on the South Rim of the canyon. Arizona Public Radio’ Ryan Heinsius reports.