U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Courtesy of Navajo Nation/UPI

An overflow coronavirus medical facility on the Navajo Nation is nearing completion.

Arizona Governor's Office

Governor Doug Ducey has announced the reopening of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Phoenix with 339 ICU high-acuity beds, with flexibility for other uses if needed during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Army Corps Of Engineers Aids Arizona As Virus Surge Looms

Mar 26, 2020

Officials from Arizona's health department and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spent hours Wednesday scouring a shuttered Phoenix hospital to see how quickly it could be running if a surge of Coronavirus cases hits.


The city of Flagstaff says $52 million was included in the Army Corps of Engineer’s FY 2020 work plan for the Rio de Flag Flood Control Project.

Wiki Commons

The Trump administration has delayed an Obama-era proposal that could allow the federal government to charge for water drawn from reservoirs it manages.