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Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

Sexual harassment, retaliation, buckets of uranium ore … It sounds like the makings of an action-packed thriller, but in reality it describes some of what’s been going on inside Grand Canyon National Park the last few years. Flagstaff journalist and author Annette McGivney recently published a story about it all in Outside magazine. In it she links decades of employee tension, management disfunction, a federal investigation, and the ousting of a Grand Canyon superintendent. She spoke with KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius about the article and the difficulties of going after a story with anonymous sources.


The government of Finland has agreed to return Native American remains and funerary objects more than a century after they were taken from the Southwest. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports, the agreement follows years of talks between tribal, U.S. and Finnish officials.

Federal Government Transfers More Land For Border Wall

Sep 19, 2019

The Department of Interior says it is transferring 560 acres of federal land to the U.S. Army to speed up construction on 70 miles of border wall in Arizona, West Texas and California.