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America is in the throws of an opioid addiction crisis. The medications can be helpful to treat pain, but have hooked many people. So what if you could be inoculated against the addictiveness of those drugs?

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Arizona health officials say an out-of-state visitor may have exposed people to measles last month.

Arizona Department of Health Services

The percentage of unvaccinated students in Arizona has been rising the last several years. This year, 6 percent of parents declined to give their kids at least one required vaccine.  Now the Arizona Department of Health Services warns 9 counties in the state don’t have the immunization levels to protect against measles outbreaks, which are happening in other parts of the country. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke with Jessica Rigler, assistant director of public health.

Jessica, what is your level of concern for Arizona right now?


Arizona's top health official says increased use of immunization exemptions are putting the state at risk of an outbreak of diseases.

The Arizona Department of Health Services director says increased use of exemptions has Arizona's immunization coverage rates continuing to fall.