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Voter registration in Coconino County has reached an all-time high with less than two weeks to go before the Nov. 3 general election.  Officials have put safeguards in place expecting a likely record voter turnout amid concerns about election security, voter intimidation and public health in the COVID-19 pandemic. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius spoke with County Recorder Patty Hansen about the lead-up to one of the nation’s most anticipated elections.

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President Donald Trump held a rally Monday afternoon at the Prescott Regional Airport in which he blasted Democrats, downplayed the effects of COVID-19 and praised Gov. Doug Ducey's response to the pandemic, as was reported by the Arizona Republic. 


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Arizona is in the presidential battleground spotlight Thursday after spending decades firmly in the Republican column. 

Legal Planet

The court-ordered extension of Arizona’s voter registration deadline remains in place, at least for now.

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A federal appeals court has blocked a move that would have given Arizona voters who forget to sign their early ballot affidavits up to five days after the election to fix the problem.