Grand Canyon National Park/Flickr

Grand Canyon National Park officials have limited visitation and water use at Phantom Ranch as they overhaul a wastewater treatment facility. It comes more than two years after park and state officials agreed to upgrade the aging system. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.


A Phoenix-based company that was eyeing the Little Colorado River for power generation is floating a new proposal.

Dig Deep

Nearly a third of residents on the Navajo Nation don’t have running water in their homes. A group called the Navajo Water Project has installed 300 indoor plumbing systems for families on the reservation in the last six years. But since the coronavirus outbreak began their work has come to a halt, and the continued lack of water for many tribal members has only intensified the impacts of the pandemic. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius spoke with the project’s director Emma Robbins.

American Rivers

Portions of the Gila River would be designated as “wild and scenic” under legislation proposed by New Mexico's two U.S. senators.

Arizona emergency officials and a large Southwestern Coca-Cola bottler have teamed up to send 30,000 liters of water to the Navajo Nation amid the COVID-19 outbreak.