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U.S. wildlife officials will review whether more protections are needed for grizzly bears in the Lower 48 states after animal advocates sued the government in a bid to restore the animals to more areas. 

New Mexico Bans Cougar Trapping and Snaring For Sport

Nov 25, 2019

State regulators in New Mexico have adopted new rules that will prohibit cougar trapping in upcoming seasons.  It marks a small victory for animal protection groups that have been fighting for a broader ban of the practice on public lands across the state.

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A rapidly changing climate means there’s no longer a “typical” year on the Colorado Plateau. That’s confirmed by a long-term study of bugs in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.


Coconino County authorities say a Flagstaff-area skunk tested positive for rabies.

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It’s well known that extracting natural gas for fuel contributes to global warming. But animals that live where these resources are mined face another problem: excessive noise.