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Albuquerque's zoo has received another Mexican gray wolf as part of an international recovery effort that includes breeding the endangered animals in captivity to ensure their genetic viability.

Earth Notes: Nighthawk Overlap Zone

Dec 26, 2018
Alex Lamoreaux

If you see a bat-like bird with long, narrow wings zigzagging across the sky in early morning or evening twilight, it’s likely the common nighthawk. But in a small corner of northern Arizona, another nighthawk species is also found.   

Tina Greenawalt/NPS

A dragonfly of the species Epitheca princeps is a showy creature, with broad, clear wings marked by bold black splotches. But its young have a much more hidden lifestyle.


Wildlife officials are still working to figure out the impact of a planned release of more than 9 billion gallons (34.1 billion liters) of water from Alamo Dam.

Earth Notes: Bald Eagle Survey

Nov 28, 2018
Dyer Lytle

Each year across the nation, including the Four Corners states, several hundred volunteers brave freezing January temperatures to count bald eagles. They hunker down on lakeshores peering through spotting scopes, drive standard survey routes clutching binoculars, some even observe from boats and planes.