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Before foresters or biologists can collect pine cones, examine pest infestation, or follow their study-animal up a tree, they have to go to tree climbing school.

A strike for climate change is planned on Saturday at Flagstaff City Hall, but people won’t rally in person due to the pandemic. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports, instead local protestors will display pairs of shoes to represent community members concerned about the effects of human-caused climate change. 

Getty Images/Mark Ralston

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone. But for Indigenous people and people of color, even simple precautions like washing your hands and wearing a mask are complicated by racism and longstanding disparities in access to resources. Sonja Smith is a cultural anthropology student at Northern Arizona University who recently wrote about racism and the pandemic in an online journal called The Conversation. Smith spoke with KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny about the deep divide between Arizona’s tribal nations and the bordering towns.

American Crows and Common Ravens are widely seen all over the Southwest. Both species are in the same genus, Corvus, and both are obsidian-black in color. That can make it tough to tell them apart where their ranges overlap.  

Amanda Bosh, Lowell Observatory

A comet with a spectacular fan-like tail is crossing the evening skies this week, making its closest approach to Earth on Thursday night. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports on how to see it.