Group: McSally Improperly Fundraising For House, Senate

May 9, 2018

  A Washington-based political action committee claims Republican Rep. Martha McSally has improperly raised money for the House of Representatives and for her Senate campaign.

End Citizens United filed a complaint Friday against McSally with the Federal Election Commission, The Arizona Republic reported .

The liberal group claims McSally's campaign has already moved $1 million from her House committee to her Senate committee since announcing she was running for the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

"Representative McSally has invented her own set of rules, courting donors to support a nonexistent campaign for the House of Representatives so she can have two bites at the apple while running for Senate," the group argues in its complaint.

McSally's campaign says the dispute relates to issues from years ago and involved accounting disagreements, not shielding information from the agency. The Federal Elections Commission audited McSally's campaign finance reporting after years of dispute over details of her spending and unusually vague identification of her donors.

The campaign is waiting for the Federal Election Commission matters related to the audit of the House campaign committee before closing it, McSally spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair said.

"We have been in full and complete compliance for years now," Sinclair wrote in a statement to The Republic. "This matter is old news."

McSally formally kicked off her Senate campaign Jan. 12. Still, her House campaign committee raised at least $156,000 from individuals and political action committees from Jan. 13 through March 1, according to Federal Election Commission records.

At least some donors appeared in both the House and Senate reports, though it was unclear whether their donations were tallied separately or combined.

The House campaign also paid $283,000 in expenses after Jan. 12, though it is unclear when the services billed to the campaign occurred.