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Expect To Pay More In Arizona For Live Holiday Trees From Oregon

Dorman Tree Farm via

Experts in Oregon, the nation’s number 1 supplier of Christmas trees, say prices for a holiday evergreen will remain higher this year because of a tight supply.

Chal Landgren, with Oregon State University’s College of Forestry, says there are 400 fewer Oregon growers than there were 15 years ago and land once used for Christmas trees is now being used for less labor intensive crops. Many tree farms went out of business about a decade ago.

On average, consumers paid $78 for a tree in 2018. That’s up $3 from 2017.

There are 383 licensed Christmas tree growers in Oregon who sell about 4.6 million trees a year. Most of those trees are sold in Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, California, and Nevada.

Mexico is the top international importer of Oregon trees.