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NAU Student Says Dozens Of Resident Assistants Quarantining For COVID-19

Northern Arizona University

A student at Northern Arizona University has taken to the internet, alleging more than 30 Resident Assistants were quarantining for COVID-19 after arriving on campus.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that NAU sophomore Tyler Best has collected more than 1,000 signatures for a petition to bring attention to the matter. NAU spokesperson Kim Ott confirmed in a statement that, quote, “NAU has experienced a small number of cases since the spring”, but citing privacy concerns, did not specify whether any of those infected were dorm RA’s. Ott also said testing and contact tracing protocols are in place on campus. Tyler Best told the Daily Sun he’s had numerous conversations with friends who work as dorm RAs who say they’ve not been required to be tested for COVID-19 since returning to campus, nor have they had to report to their supervisors to discuss infection status. KNAU reached out to NAU to verify if RA's are quarantining because of infection or precaution and is awaiting a response.