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House Votes to Require Secretary of State to Verify Presidential Candidates Were Born in The United States

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would would require political parties to submit
documents proving their candidate is a natural born citizen and
meets other requirements. But the measure also gives the
secretary of state the unilateral power to keep a candidate off
the Arizona ballot if he or she has reasonable cause to believe
the candidate is not qualified. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema called that

(Apart from the fact that it's blatantly unconstitutional and
clearly in contravention of federal law, it also is incredibly
ridiculous and offensive to think that the secretary of state of
the state of Arizona should be the arbiter of whether or not
someone is presenting an accurate, a correct, a legitimate birth

Even Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican like most
supporters of the measure, said it probably is unconstitional to
let Arizona have its own test for candidates. Other foes said
approving the measure would only add to Arizona's national
reputation as a laughinstock. But Rep. Cecil Ash disagreed.

(In the past several days I've received numerous phone calls and
e-mails from all over the nation of people congratulating us on
making this decision.)

The Senate now needs to review the final version of the bill
before sending it to the governor. For Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.