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Jim Noir: Nostalgia Looks Forward

English singer-songwriter Jim Noir joins World Cafe host David Dye with a few songs from his eponymous second album. The new disc features infectious psychedelic pop tunes that recall classic '60s pop while remaining rooted in the here and now. With his latest release, Noir mixes nostalgia-inducing harmonies with modern electronica to create an album that's as wistful as it is irresistible.

The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has drawn widespread critical recognition for his eclectic, eccentric fusion of psychedelic pop and electronica. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Beach Boys and Badly Drawn Boy, Noir plays an original sound which teeters on the brink of tweeness, remaining rich with childhood nostalgia. His first album, Eanie Meanie, was the epitome of this earlier sound, but as Noir continues to develop as an artist, his music has matured into '60s-style electro-pop sophistication.

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