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Poll shows support for illegal immigration initiatives

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Napolitano vetoed legislation to declare English the
state's official language. So lawmakers opted to put it
on the November ballot as Proposition 103. A new
statewide survey conducted by KAET-TV, the Phoenix PBS
affiliate, shows two thirds of those asked said they
will vote for it. Similarly, 50 percent of people
surveyed back Proposition 300. That would deny adult
education classes and subsidized child care to those
not here legally, as well as require illegal immigrants
to pay higher non-resident tuition at community
colleges and state universities. Napolitano vetoed that
one, too. Only 35 percent side with her and believe it
is a bad idea. But the governor said the poll does not
mean she is out of step with Arizonans.

(My view is this: Those measures will not, in and of
themselves, solve the problem of illegal immigration,
in Arizona or indeed through the country. That what we
need are tough and realistic solutions.)

She said that includes not only more law enforcement
but also more visas for people to work here. Anyway,
the governor said another part of the survey suggested
that Arizonans back her way of running state
government: More than 60 percent of those asked said
they would support Napolitano over any of the four
Republicans who hope to unseat her in November.

In Phoenix, for Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.