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Earth Notes

Adding to the State's 9/11 Memorial

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – One big complaint about the memorial is lack of
context. There are 54 sayings etched into its surface
to reflect the events around the day of the terrorist
attacks. Several mention planes flying into the two
towers of the World Trade Center. But nowhere is there
any explanation that the planes had been hijacked.
Shelley Cohn, a member of the commission that designed
the memorial, said something needs to be added.

(The memorial is more metaphysical - metaphorical -
than literal. And I think in order to make sure we're
communicating with multiple audiences we need to be
clear about what our intent was and some factual
information that may have been buried and not as clear
as it could be.)

But state Rep. John Kavanagh said there also should be
changes in the sayings etched into the memorial itself,
removing some of the more controversial ones that are
not related directly to the attack.

(This memorial should focus upon what happened that
day, who did what to whom. It should focus on the
terrorists, the targets, the times and locations, the
victims and very specially the valiant efforts of the

He said sticking to that will make the memorial a place
that people will leave, in his words, somber and
reflective, not irate and angry. In Phoenix for Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.