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AZ Delegates to DNC in Charlotte Say Decision is Stark

Arizona delegates at the Democratic National Convention say the vision laid out by former President Clinton last evening draws a stark contrast between the two parties.

The optics are vivid: in Tampa the still unpopular George W. Bush sent a video to the delegates, while Bill Clinton was given a prime time slot here in Charlotte. Arizona delegate Jamie Heidrich says the economic boom that took root under President Clinton is also being witnessed under President Obama, albeit more slowly.  

“If we simply continue the plan that the White House has had in play for the past four years it will be fantastic job growth," Heidrich said. "We don’t even need a new plan. But thanks to the economy that’s growing because of the Obama Administration we can have more job growth and we know we’ll have it.”

Many delegates say the recovery would be taking hold more quickly if only House Republicans weren't blunting the President's agenda.  Tonight President Obama will get to make his own case as he tries to recapture the energy that propelled him into the White House.

Based on Capitol Hill, Matt Laslo is a freelance reporter who has been covering Congress, the White House and the Supreme Courtfor more than five years. While he has filed stories for more than 40 local NPR stations, his work has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Chattanooga Times Free Press, National Public Radio, The Omaha World-Herald, Pacifica Radio, Politics