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Carmona Calls Flake's Positions on Social Issues Reprehensible

Democrat Richard Carmona and Republican Jeff Flake held their first of three televised debates in the race to fill retiring John Kyl's Senate seat.

The issues ranged from domestic spending to the role of the filibuster, with not much agreement between the two.

To start with the positive, the two candidates did agree on one thing during last night's debate on Arizona Public Television.

They agree that the Bush era tax cuts should be extended.

Other than that, there was not much common ground.

Democrat Richard Carmona supports the DREAM act, which provides qualifying undocumented young immigrants with a path to citizenship.

Republican Jeff Flake doesn't.

The six term Republican Congressman says he voted for legislation doing away with earmarks.

His democratic rival argued that some earmarks provide necessary funds for infrastructure that helps the economy grow.

Carmona, a former Army medic and Surgeon General called Flake's position reprehensible when it comes to many social issues. 

"He's putting people at risk in what he's doing whether it's social security, whether it's medicare, whether it's our veterans, and women especially, because the fact of the matter is, it is he who partnered with Congressman Aiken on that bill to define legitimate rape," Carmona charged. 

Flake charged that Carmona may have a nice resume, but he has flipped flopped on many key issues, doesn't have a plan for health care reform and is only an echo for the Obama Administration at a time when Republicans should control the senate.