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A Corner Lot on History

The historic Weatherford Hotel in downtown Flagstaff
- Kimberly Raguso
The historic Weatherford Hotel in downtown Flagstaff

By Mark Herz

Flagstaff, AZ – HOST INTRO:

Two months ago KNAU aired our series Poverty with a View. That's the phrase many people use to contrast Flagstaff's quality of life with the gap between income and the cost of housing here. During the series we met a number of people who can only do what they do in northern Arizona. Over the next two days, we'll introduce you to a few of them.

People are drawn to Flagstaff by the quality of life, and that includes its quaint, historic downtown. But in the 1970s, when Henry Taylor bought the dilapidated Weatherford Hotel, downtown was rundown. Still, Taylor, saw potential in the once-grand old place. He fell in love with the building, and then with a waitress he hired, Sam Green. Together, they've put their hearts, ingenuity, and a lot of money into restoring a prominent corner of Flagstaff's past.


Arizona Public Radio's Mark Herz produced our visit to Flagstaff's Weatherford Hotel. Sam Green and Henry Taylor say they're still surprised when people stop to take pictures of their old hotel. And they say they're still not done bringing the Weatherford back.