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Homes Break Ground in Flagstaff's Community Land Trust

Groundbreaking ceremony with City of Flagstaff officials and the contractor on the project, Mike Loven.

By Theresa Bierer

Flagstaff, AZ –
Intro) a project designed to create affordable housing options in Flagstaff is officially underway. As Arizona Public Radio's Theresa Bierer reports, a groundbreaking ceremony was held (this morning) (Yesterday) for the City of Flagstaff's Land Trust Program.

TB) A small crowd looked on, as several people turned token shovels of dirt to mark the start of construction. The Izabel Homes project will eventually include 16 homes near Coconino High School. David McIntyre, the city of Flagstaff's Permanent Affordability Administrator, says the land trust is an answer to the community's call for affordable housing.

David McIntyre) it's a great day for us as a housing section and has used city funds has used HUD funds, it's been a creative way to address the need here and we're excited about a new model.

TB) Unlike previous affordable housing projects, with the land trust, the city will own the land. the homeowner will purchase just the house and the properties will remain permanently affordable because the home's appreciation will be restricted. There are several partners in the effort including the non profit Bothands, who helps people buy their own homes in Flagstaff. Director Devonna McLaughin says the land trust is an investment in the future of the community.

Devonna McLaughin) this is a time of scarcity it seems like with respect to funding and opportunities so to invest in something that's not just going to have a one time benefit but to benefit future families is significant for us in Flagstaff.

TB) The new homes will cost about 1-hundred-66-to one hundred 80-thousand dollars. the idea for a land trust came out of the Community housing policy task force recommendations to the city council in 2005.
In Flagstaff, for Arizona Public Radio, I'm Theresa Bierer