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Republican Attorney General race still too close to call

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ –
The reason is that the pair waged one of the most acrimonious
statewide races seen in decades. Thomas described Horne as a con
man who is barred for life from securities trading. Horne said
that's a 40-year-old story, though he admitted to the more recent
fact of having failed to disclose that bankruptcy on required
state reports.

And Horne responded in kind to the attacks, saying
Thomas is a liar who used his position as a prosecutor to bring
charges against political enemies. He also cited the pending
investigation of Thomas by the State Bar of Arizona and the
unconfirmed possibility the FBI is looking at criminal charges.

But Horne said he doesn't fear that the Democratic nominee will
use those smears and counter-smears against the GOP contender.

"I don't think the voters will care about that. The voters will
care about what the issues are between whoever the Republican
nominee is and whoever the Democratic nominee is. And there will
be issues. Immigration will be a real issue in the general
campaign which it really wasn't in the primary. And there will be
other issues as well."

While Republicans hold a voter registration edge in the state,
that hasn't always helped the GOP nominee: The last elected
governor and the last elected attorney general were both