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Yavapai Cnty Judge Bans Synthetic Drug Sales


A Yavapai County judge has granted a permanent injunction banning retailers from selling synthetic drugs in Yavapai County. 

The fight to legally ban the synthetic drugs known as “bath salts” and “spice” in Yavapai County began in August.

That’s when the County Attorney filed an emergency injunction to temporarily stop retailers from selling the drugs.

Superior Court Judge Michael Bluff made that injunction permanent today.

The court made the decision based on the high public safety risk the drugs represent.

County Attorney Sheila Polk says the drugs place a high burden on local hospitals:

“They were averaging 20 patients per week who were being brought to the emergency room who were under the influence of these synthetic drugs," she said. "Many of the patients were combative, violent, and assaultive to the treating physicians.”

Polk also says Yavapai County is seeking to stop all online retailers from shipping synthetic drugs into the County.