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Voters Share What Motivates Them

Justin Regan

Today is Election Day, and polls are open until seven o’clock across Coconino County.Earlier today, Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan spoke with Flagstaff residents as they exited their polling places on what issues brought them out to vote.

Jacqueline Holm says her vote is important, especially in a smaller community like Flagstaff. For her, environmental issues mean a lot, and so do public services.

“I like supporting the schools, and the roads and the infrastructure within this community. I also feel that I want to be represented in the choices that our community makes in the way of renewable resources,” said Holm.

Ruth Hoffman was also motivated to vote because of similar issues.

“I definitely want the money available for the repair of roads and money for the schools,” said Hoffman.

Emma Quinton wasn’t driven to the polls by a particular issue, just a sense of civic duty.

“The fact that I get to vote is very important. The fact that my neighbor may vote differently, that might cancel my vote out, but it’s still our right to vote, we need too,” said Quinton.

Officials are estimating voter turnout in Coconino County to be average; somewhere between fifty and fifty five percent of the seventy thousand registered.

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