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Missed Target Enrollment Causes $11 Million Budget Shortfall At NAU

NAU News

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Northern Arizona University missed its target enrollment by at least 800 tuition-paying students this year, resulting in $10 million in lost tuition and fees that have already been allocated.



Drops in enrollment and retention hurt student tuition and fees, which comprise 40 percent of NAU's revenue.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that departments across the university must return $11 million in funds before June to avoid ending the fiscal year with a deficit.

NAU spokesperson Kim Ott said the budget projection was made in spring 2018 based on anticipated revenues and expenditures and must now be upheld within all areas of the university.

In a recent letter to faculty, NAU President Rita Cheng called the budget numbers misleading, saying the community and the media do not have the correct information. Cheng says the tuition and fees shortfall is about five and a half million dollars. 


(Information from: Arizona Daily Sun,