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Ex-Hopi Law Enforcement Officer Convicted Of Sexual Assault

A federal jury in Arizona has convicted a former Hopi law enforcement officer accused of sexually assaulting a female in custody.  Prosecutors say 25-year-old Mackenzie Davis is scheduled to be sentenced in February 2020 and is facing up to 23 years in prison.

Davis arrested the woman for allegedly driving impaired in November 2016. She was only identified in court by the initials "C.A." The woman said that during a nearly two-hour drive to a detention center, Davis pulled the vehicle onto the side of a road and sexually assaulted her.

Another witness testified Davis also engaged in similar conduct with her on 2011 when he wasn't a law enforcement officer.

Jurors found Davis guilty of violating C.A.'s civil rights, abusive sexual contact on tribal land and destruction of evidence.

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