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Senator Sinema OKs Trump Impeachment, McSally Says No


Arizona’s two U.S. Senators split their votes down party lines as the chamber determined the outcome of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial on Wednesday.

The Senate voted to acquit President Trump on abuse of power and contempt of congress charges.

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema's decision to vote to convict President Trump on articles of impeachment was one she kept to herself until the last minute. That fueled speculation she might cross the aisle and vote to acquit the Republican president. But in the end Wednesday's vote didn't appear to be a hard call for Sinema. She said in a statement that the facts were clear that President Trump withheld aid from Ukraine for political reasons and obstructed the congressional investigation.

Republican Senator Martha McSally had earlier telegraphed her intention to acquit the president saying she was not convinced he should be removed from office.

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