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Alienstock Festival Looks To Make Another Landing In Nevada


The Alienstock festival could attract thousands of extraterrestrial fans to Nevada for a second consecutive year if county commissioners grant permission. The owners of restaurant and motel Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada announced plans to host Alienstock 2020 for three days beginning September 10, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Last year’s event was conceived after a viral Facebook meme urged people to storm the gate of the secretive Air Force base commonly known as Area 51, which has been rumored for years to house extraterrestrial technology. The prospective gatecrashers were urged to head to the site to “see them aliens.”

The first Alienstock featuring music acts, food vendors and other activities saw a peak attendance of about 3,000 visitors.

Little A’Le’Inn owner Connie West’s request to host a second Alienstock is expected to be heard at a future Lincoln County Commission meeting. Commissioners have expressed concern about another Alienstock event that would require county support or response, Emergency Manager Eric Holt said. Lincoln County does not want to begin providing an annual response similar to the New Year’s Eve celebration in neighboring Clark County. “Any future events would have to be self-supporting with no burden placed on the county,” Holt said.

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