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Maricopa County Moves A Few Polling Places To Slow Spread Of Coronavirus


Phoenix-area election officials are moving five polling places in next week's election from senior living facilities to other locations to protect vulnerable residents from potential exposure to the new Coronavirus.

A Maricopa County official says postcards are being mailed to 3,152 voters to notify them of their new voting location.

The elections department has also updated its website.

Maricopa County says all polling locations will have supplies to keep them clean and disinfected.

Poll workers will have guidance on how to clean equipment and frequently touched surfaces.

The coronavirus threat to senior citizens is forcing some counties nationwide to remove polling places from nursing homes for their safety.

Last-minute changes left voters in Michigan and Missouri scrambling to get to new polling places Tuesday.

Elections officials in states voting next week are trying to get ahead of those disruptions, announcing them now and beginning public information campaigns to tell voters where they are supposed to cast their ballots.

Secretaries of state across the country also are encouraging voting from a distance, creating dedicated websites and stocking up on supplies for disinfecting voting machines.

Arizona’s democratic presidential election is Tuesday, March 17th.  As of Thursday morning, there had been 9 cases of Coronavirus in Arizona.

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