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New Mexico GOP Pushes Back On COVID-19 Business Restrictions

(AP Photo/Morgan Lee)

The Republican Party has urged New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to use “common sense” and allow certain nonessential small businesses to reopen with some requirements for social distancing amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on a virtual press conference Monday with small business owners, New Mexico’s Republican party Chair Steve Pearce said new restrictions are unfairly hurting small “mom and pop” shops while allowing big box stores like Walmart to continue operating.

Public health officials under the Democratic governor have suspended a variety of nonessential businesses by category through at least April 30 to slow the spread of the coronavirus and ensure health care facilities are not overwhelmed by a surge of patients.

Pearce said the precautions are too drastic and put small businesses in jeopardy of financial ruin, while at least one small business owner suggested restrictions should be adjusted based on local population densities and infection rates.

Lujan Grisham has indicated she is working on a plan to eventually re-open the state economy and warned that premature changes risk a surge in infections.

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