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Arizona's Stay-At-Home Order Expires Thursday, Navajo Nation Calls For Another Weekend Curfew

Arizona’s stay-at-home order is set to expire Thursday, April 30, but Governor Doug Ducey has not yet announced whether he will allow the order to end, extend it, or modify it with a new set of restrictions. The order started on March 31.

The Governor’s executive order promotes increased physical distancing, while encouraging social connectedness among citizens. The governor’s office says the order has clarified businesses and operations deemed “essential” and required restaurants and eateries to allow for only take out orders, no sit down dining. It also later called for the closure of some services such as spas, gyms, hair and nail salons. Initially it put a halt to elective surgeries but Ducey later announced elective surgeries can resume May first with certain requirements for health providers.

Ducey has said he is following the advice from health experts as he develops policies regarding the state’s response to the Coronavirus crisis.

As of Tuesday, Arizona reported more than 6,900 confirmed cases of the virus, with 293 deaths.

Meanwhile, the Navajo Nation announced Tuesday it will start another 57-hour curfew over the weekend.

Navajo tribal members have been under weekday curfews for the past few weeks and weekend curfews the past three weekends.

The known cases of the new coronavirus continued to climb on the Navajo Nation with 1,873 identified COVID-19 and 60 confirmed deaths, as of Tuesday.

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