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Bottles Of Diluted Bleach Confiscated At Arizona Border


Authorities say they have found a large supply of diluted Clorox bleach that was being shipped from Mexico into the United States. 

The Arizona Republic and other Phoenix area media outlets have been reporting this week that federal customs agents say they confiscated nearly 900 bottles of the diluted bleach.   Authorities say it highlights a disturbing trend during the Coronavirus pandemic as more fraudulent products are being transported into the U.S. for sale from Mexico at the Nogales Port of Entry.

According to ICE officials, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Clorox beach had been diluted with water making it ineffective.   Health officials have said bleach and other sanitizing products can prove successful in killing the new Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Many Arizona retailers have been having a tough time keeping bleach stocked in their stores during the virus outbreak.

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