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Coconino County Detention Center Reports 2 Officers And 1 Inmate Diagnosed With Coronavirus

The Coconino County Detention Facility in Flagstaff has two confirmed COVID-19 positive Detention Officers and one confirmed positive inmate.

The Sheriff’s Office says it was notified on Sunday that one of its officers was confirmed positive for COVID-19.   The officer developed signs and symptoms related to COVID-19 on Wednesday 4/29/20, and has remained at home since then. Also, on Sunday the Coconino County Detention Center says it was notified by another officer who tested positive for COVID-19. That officer also is recovering at home.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is now working with health officials to identify people who may have come in contact with the sick detention officers. Coconino County Detention began testing staff Tuesday and will continue to do so until everyone assigned or regularly enters the facility has been tested.

Health and Human Services is working with the two employees infected to create a timeline of close contact with other individuals including the inmates in the facility.

Coconino County Detention also said it received notification that an inmate in custody has been confirmed positive for COVID-19.  The inmate was booked into the facility on 4/29/20, while being processed in the booking area, the individual complained of a cough, so the inmate was isolated and housed alone consistent with current county protocols.

The inmate had been isolated and signs and symptoms are being monitored daily.

As of two weeks ago, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control, Coconino County Detention began a 14-day quarantine of all new arrested individuals booked into the facility.

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