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Trump Wraps Up Whirlwind Tour of Arizona Honeywell Plant

AFP/Getty Images

Several hundred fans of President Donald Trump greeted Air Force One as the presidential aircraft landed in Phoenix Tuesday.

Supporters waved Trump flags, donned red hats and cheered as the plane touched down. There were also dozens of protesters who had signs and shouted slogans as Trump's entourage sped by.  Few wore masks, and several groups of dozens of people were crowded together on street corners outside the Honeywell campus that hosted Trump next to the Phoenix airport.

Trump visited a Honeywell mask factory in one of his first forays outside Washington since the virus outbreak brought the country to a standstill. He was greeted on the ground by Governor Doug Ducey. The governor, the president and others with them did not wear masks or other protective gear, though anyone allowed near the president is given a rapid test for the coronavirus.

Trump also met with members of Arizona’s Native American communities  including Navajo Nation Vice-President Myron Lizer. Lizer says Trump promised the Navajo Nation would receive 600-million dollars in Coronavirus relief aid.

Arizona congressmembers Republicans Debbie Lesko and Paul Gosar, along with Arizona U.S. Senator Martha McSally traveled on Air Force One with President Trump from Washington to Phoenix during his visit Tuesday.

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