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State Fire Managers To Heighten Restrictions In Coconino County

U.S. Forest Service

Fire managers will increase fire restrictions on lands in northern Arizona as wildfire danger increases with dry conditions and increased temperatures.

Officials with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management issued a Stage II ban last month for all state lands except for those in Coconino County south of the Grand Canyon. Now those areas and all state lands will be under the heightened restrictions beginning Sat, June 13. They include all state parks, Game and Fish Commission Wildlife areas and department properties, and Arizona Department of Transportation highway, right-of-way properties outside municipalities.

Included in the ban are all campfires, charcoal and wood stoves, outdoor smoking, and discharging a firearm except for when lawfully hunting. In addition, welding and using a torch along with operating internal combustion tools and explosives are prohibited.

Wildfire danger is expected to increase in northern Arizona with hot temperatures and dry, windy conditions in the coming days.

Campfires are already banned on all six of Arizona’s national forests along with many county and municipal lands.

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