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Play Us A Tune: My Hopes Are Sold

The Cross-Eyed Possum

In this time of separation and social distancing, there is one thing that can unite nearly all humans on the planet…music. In the latest installment of our series Play Us a Tune, we hear from Prescott-based band The Cross-Eyed Possum. They recently released their first CD, Worn Down Car, but had to cancel their tour because of the pandemic. Like most working musicians, they’re trying to figure out how to showcase their music right now. Today, they play a song off the album called My Hopes Are Sold. Here is The Cross-Eyed Possum. 

Hey KNAU listeners! This is Jonah Howard from the band The Cross-Eyed Possum. Since the pandemic hit, the band’s had to cancel lots of shows and our first-ever independent tour. We’ve still been trying to make music by live streaming and by writing and attempting to record our second studio album.

Using the time from the lockdown, we’ve been able to use our jazz and classical backgrounds in our newest songs to make a certain kind of dialogue between the guitar and the bowed upright bass that we really haven’t had time to build on before.

Meanwhile, you’re listening to a song from our first record called My Hopes are Sold. It’s a song about trying to be exactly what the people around you want you to be, but on the inside just really wanting to get away from everybody.

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