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Friday (9/29) KNAU in the White Mountains, KNAA 90.7, will reduce power temporarily. This is to protect tower workers as they work on an adjacent cellular antenna. Reception may be poor to non-existent in some areas including service over the repeater on 105.3. Online streaming service will not be affected. With afternoon winds forecast, the crew will likely get an early start and may not require a great deal of time for their work.

KNAU's main phone line is experiencing technical difficulties. Click here to contact members of our team directly.

$2.5B headed to tribes for long-standing water settlements

Native American tribes are awaiting a one-time windfall that could help deliver reliable, clean water to their residents.

The federal infrastructure bill signed last month includes $2.5 billion for tribal water rights settlements.

The Interior Department hasn't said how it will be doled out. But the agency says tribes included in more than 30 settlements are eligible. Among them is the White Mountain Apache Tribe in eastern Arizona.

Congress approved the tribe's water settlement more than a decade ago. But the tribe says it hasn't received the money it needs for water storage, surface water treatment facilities and miles of water pipelines.