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Hopi Tribe and DPS sign agreement to allow troopers enforce laws on the reservation

Wikimedia Commons/Jeff Brunton
The village of Walpi on the First Mesa of Hopi

The Hopi Tribe and the Arizona Department of Public Safety Wednesday signed an agreement for mutual aid and the cross-commissioning of state troopers.

It’ll allow DPS officers to enforce criminal and traffic laws on the reservation and permit troopers to enforce Hopi law.

According to DPS, the agreement to let the Hopi Tribe and DPS lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries will enhance public safety.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with the AZDPS to create this agreement which will help supplement our HLES to increase the potential for orderly and effective enforcement of the criminal and traffic laws of the Hopi Tribe,” said Hopi Tribal Chairman Timothy Nuvangyaoma in a press release. "The Agreement leads to a foundation that together, we can build upon the availability of law enforcement and medical services in case of emergency.”

The Hopi reservation is larger than the state of Delaware and includes a dozen village on its three mesas with a population of about 10,000 people.