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During Pride Month, Arizona GOP floats idea of law banning children from seeing drag shows


Arizona Republican lawmakers are the latest to float the idea of proposing laws that ban children from seeing drag shows. The announcement comes during Pride Month and following Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s initial call for such legislation.

GOP leaders in Florida and Texas have also proposed similar ideas. Legislation has not yet been filed in Arizona.

Democratic state lawmakers call the idea dangerous, discriminatory and that it ignores true threats to children.

The state’s Republican-controlled legislature has already passed two bills targeting transgender children and teens: on bans gender reassignment surgery for people younger than 18. The other bans transgender girls from playing on sports teams aligned with their gender identity.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was quick to throw her support behind the idea of banning children from seeing drag shows.

The internet was quick to post multiple photos of Lake attending drag shows, calling her a hypocrite. Arizona drag artist Barbra Seville told several Phoenix news outlets she once performed at Lake’s birthday party with her young children present.