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Museum Fire flooding still a risk despite mitigation efforts

Sandbags barricade homes in a Flagstaff neighborhood
Melissa Sevigny
Sandbags barricade a house at the corner of Linda Vista and Grandview in Flagstaff in the Museum Fire flood area.

City of Flagstaff officials are reminding residents in the Museum Fire flood area that the threat of flash flooding still exists despite extensive mitigation put in place in the last year.

They’re urging residents to stay alert throughout monsoon season and say sediment reduction efforts and updates to other water infrastructure haven’t eliminated the risk.

According to city officials, very little rain has fallen over the Museum Fire burn scar this summer despite several heavy storms that’ve resulted in major rainfall over the Pipeline and Tunnel Fire burn areas impacting the Doney Park and Timberline areas as well as neighborhoods in west Flagstaff.

The largest 60-minute rainfall total over the Museum Fire this year has been about 1.2 inches, compared to multiple unprecedented rain events last summer including more than 3 inches on Aug. 17, 2021.